Northwest Arkansas Regional Furry Association.

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NARFA = Northwest Arkansas Regional Furry Association.

There's nothing specific to us (save that we are Furs), it's just a matter of being a part of the group.
We party, socialize, and do what we can to make the Furry community a better place, like working as staff for Conventions, enriching the Furry Community artistically and culturally. To become a member of NARFA a good start is by being on the NARFA mailing list is a good start (narfa@yahoogroups.com), but not required.

Usually, it's accepted that if you know more then one or two NARFA members (Narfians, as we jokingly call ourselves), and intend to either hang out with us at a Convention, or attend one of our many get-togethers we have every week; that you are a member of NARFA. We have members all across the country. Michigan, Missouri, California, Louisiana. So, you don't have to be from Arkansas to be in NARFA. Just the bulk of the group and its founding home are based here, and we keep growing.